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To meet the immediate operating needs, long-term endowment needs and to enhance our campus, LRKH Project relies on the generous support of its families and friends




Instituto Nacional de Educación Básica is an elementary school located in the valley of Guatemala’s western highlands. Connecting four neighboring towns

STEM Materials

The goal of the middle school technology program at INEB is to equip students with skills appropriate to their age level and teach them to make effective use of those skills so that they are able to compete in a world increasingly integrated with and dependent on technology. Integrating technology projects with other subjects allows them to apply what they’ve learned and encourages artistic self expression. They learn to find and prioritize information, synthesize new knowledge, and present it confidently and creatively.


Continuing Ed.

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LRKH Project is focused on the construction of educational facilities in Central America. beginning with INEB (2009)


Discover the artisan's of the Amazon basin.
Indigenous owned and operated through Hakhu.
Made in Ecuador to promote sustainable alternative income. 🇪🇨 @hakhuamazon

La Escuela Urbana, is a superseding school inaugurated in the summer of 2017.

Kawsak Sacha 


Kawsak Sacha declaration is universal and proposes a legal recognition of the revindication for territorial rights and Mother Earth. 🌅 @kawsaksacha