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LRKH Project
is grounded in the Archaic educational ethos.  We believe the mind is a gift from the Cosmos, and we honor life by vigorously pursuing the role of the mind in conjunction with the spiritual, moral, and artistic disciplines that make us whole and holy people. The School’s broad-based curriculum encourages a full spectrum of personal growth through challenging academic courses, visual and performing arts, and rigorous physical education.

Open Positions here can be filled by anyone with an aligned vision as an indigenous people. together the community strives to create an academic, social, and spiritual climate where people learn, work, and play together with respect, responsibility, and understanding. 

We are committed to engendering an appreciation for individuals of different races, cultures, religions, monetary resources, physical abilities and sexual orientation.  We uphold those values through the curriculum, adult example, and social and financial support. We seek diversity in the composition of our student body, faculty, staff, and board.

at LRKH Project we aim to help students become competent, confident, lifelong learners, who are responsible, caring, contributing citizens to the communities and diverse world in which they live. 


Open Position — Art

Art Department Chair, Art Teacher

The visual arts department at All Saints’ encourages students to explore the world, develop self-expression and confidence, and communicate through art. Students at all grade levels are continuously challenged to grow creatively as they acquire a sequential knowledge of the elements and principles of art and an appreciation of art history. The program fosters the following beliefs:

  • Art is a visual means of self-expression.

  • We develop an “artist’s eye” through observation of the world around us and by continuing to create art.

  • Art class is a positive experience and the creative process is enjoyable and fulfilling.

The art program in lower school lays the foundation for concepts and skills that will continue to be developed as students move into middle school. Students explore the elements of art: line, shape, color, texture, space, and value. Over time, they master a variety of artists’ tools including brushes, pen and ink, palette knives, linoleum blocks, wood, chalk, and charcoal. Artistic boundaries widen as students create both two- and three-dimensional artwork and are exposed to various mediums including paint, clay, sculpture, stitchery, papier-mâché, and drawing.

Able to travel internationally
art history and English literature
Previous Teaching Experience (+3yrs)

Open Position — Theatre

Self-expression through music and theatre plays an important role in the development of self-confidence, creativity, and an overall appreciation of the performing arts. All Saints’ performance-based program provides sequential music theory, develops performance skills, introduces composers and their music, and fosters a life-long love of the performing arts.

Students who select General Music and Theatre will be exposed to a more general music program which will include:  study of music theory; familiarity with recorder notation and guitar chords; study of a composer, his music, and an opera or symphonic poem; and a variety of musical and dramatic performances throughout the year.

B.A in
Able to travel internationally


Open Position — Math (middle)

Grade four math begins the transition between arithmetic and pre-algebra. Students work on number relationships such as fractions, decimals, and percents. Increasingly sophisticated word problems require more thoughtful problem-solving strategies. Algebraic thinking continues to be integrated into the Phoenix private school curriculum, along with applying thinking skills to real world problems.

communication skills
Able to travel internationally
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Open Position — New York City

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