descendant of wanderers focused on the revival of Mesoamerican literature and culture.


our Ground Team

provides support services, student enrichment, special events, and fundraisers. Our studio based art program’s community life is enriched with special events including Art Walk, Special Persons Day, and Pizza Thursdays not only provides a fun addition to the INEB Day School’s lunch program, but proceeds go into a special account to help fund a trip for each year’s graduating class. Through , parents support the library, the art department, and the music and drama program. The Uniform Exchange gives parents a place to recycle and purchase “gently-used” uniforms.

These are only a few ways that the LRKH Project contributes to and enriches the school experience for INEB students and their families, as we strive to offer the best environment and supportive community at INEB private school in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. INEB is governed by an executive board. 


Efrain Francisco
Isi Jimenez
Mari Baltazar
Dionisio Jose
Anahi Brito
Sandrine Garcia
Marcelucia Pablo Perez
Angelina Mateo


Daniela Bermeo

Irma Yolanda




On behalf of LRKH Project our

Senior Leadership,

to el Instituto Nacional de Educación Básica (INEB) would like to thank you for your interest in our community. It is our pleasure to assist you in learning about one of the most influential private school in Guatemala leading the revival of Meso American Culture, History, and Literature.

Our Mission is to educate children in “Being all that you were born to be” – mind, body, and soul – in a nurturing community. We combine academic excellence with spiritual and moral formation, preparing students to lead fruitful lives and to serve a world in need.


Blanca Leticia
Director of Advancement  

Sebastian Jose Leisder
Admissions Coordinator

Gaspar Miguel
Head of School, Ex-Officio (INEB)

Blanca Leticia
Head of Lower School 

Marcos Felipe
Head of Middle School

Patricia Domingo
Chief Financial Officer

Irma Yolanda
Learning Support Specialist

Salome Aranda
Head of Operations

Nina Gualingua

El Lyrikah


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees for our INEB private school at San Sebastian, Huehuetenango is the policy-making body of the School and has authority for its governance and the management of its finances.The Phoenix Country Day School Board of Trustees is the policy-making body of the institution and is responsible for its fiscal well-being, its philosophy and objectives, and the effective implementation of its policies.

comprised of regular members and three ex officio voting members. Ex officio members include the Headmaster, the President of the Alumni Association, and the President of the Parents’ Association. In addition, the Board has active Advisory Trustees who may attend Board meetings and serve on standing committees.

The Board also has fiduciary responsibilities, which it fulfills by approving the School’s budget, approving major capital expenditures, and by ensuring the School’s fiscal well-being. The Board sets investment policies, approves insurance programs, and assesses the performance of the investment advisors. The Board identifies the means for funding student programs and support services and sets the goals for the annual fund campaign and major capital campaigns. Members of the Board also set the pace for individual donations and serve as the principal solicitors of major donations.


Kelly Bramlett

Lanier Cruz
Vice Chair

Sebastian Jose Lesider